When Everything is Hard

It's Monday. Mondays are hard.
Here's a list of what to do when everything is hard:

 Build a blanket fort.
Take a bath. With a friend.
Find a rock that feels nice in your hand.
Write yourself a letter to find later.
Put your hands on the ground and visit the planet.
Go to bed while it's still light out.
Drink water. And then drink more water.
Give something away.
Put a flower in your hair.
Arrange your books by color.
Seek out wise washroom graffiti.
Go to moving water.
Stake out in a tree.
Craft it out.
Make a soundtrack and walk around in your movie.
Rearrange your bedroom.
Sport sequins.
Turn off your phone.
Cut up magazines.
Smell all the spices in your pantry. 
Make the washroom a sauna.
Capture a prime-o selfie.
Replace all the lights in your house with string lights.
living room picnic.
Watch that movie you wouldn't tell anyone you like.
Wear wings.
Pillow Pile. Nap. Repeat.
Eat egg rolls on your prettiest plate.
Juice box.
Tarot reading with playing cards.
Let YouTube read you a bedtime story.
Fill a watermelon with vodka.
Work through a coloring book.
Nutella toaster waffle sandwich. Think about it.
Get a bang trim.
Stand on top of a hill to gain perspective.
Linger at the florist in the grocery. Maybe bring some home.
High five the cat.
Put some pipe cleaners on it.
Unplug the computer.
.Pajamas in the dryer.
Sit in the shower and pretend it's a waterfall.
Cover something in stickers


WrightStuff said...

Big Monday smile for you! A perfect list!

Shell said...

Great list. You have some of my favorites on it.

ivette said...

p.s.... I just wouldn't do the water running in the shower thing.. pretending it's a waterfall.. too much water goes to waste no?
cool blog!


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