What The Eff is Personal Power and How Do I Step Into It?

 I first encountered "Personal Power" while receiving a tarot reading from a friend:  

"It's time to step into your personal power." 

I was too embarrassed to admit that I had NO concept of what personal power really was. Nodding, I imagined some vaguely Arthurian goddess avatar that looked like me, but was too brave to actually be me.

Initially my understanding of power was narrow:
Power = Make people do what you want. Authority. Influence. Affluence.Power was for abrasive personalities and to want power was a yucky attribute.

Power was elusive to me. I didn't understand it, but I was sure I didn't have it.  

My life prior to recognizing my Personal Power was fairly dismal and predictable: crappy unsatisfying work life, constantly over and underwhelmed and an anemic sense of self worth. I was fly paper for poisonous relationships.

All standard parts of life as an Earth Girl, right?


You are born with Personal Power. It's your instinct, your innate energy and where you steer the sparkling yellow submarine of your soul.

Symptoms of abdicated Personal Power might be feeling taken for granted or taken advantage of regularly, a loss of focus or direction, a seemingly incurable suck factor, feeling as though the show is running you--

An infuriating hokey-pokey in which every step forward is accompanied by three steps back.

Sometimes the substance of your spirit is drained or taken by other people or circumstances--
sometimes we relinquish it without realizing what's happened.

Here's the rad news, Muffins:


Personal Power is a renewable resource.

It is free and contains no high fructose corn syrup.

It can be recollected, reclaimed and transformed.

Any. Time. You. Choose.

I like to think of Personal Power as a Magic Lasso that gathers all the parts of your life together. And once they have been wrangled you can decide what parts get to stay and which parts have to go.

 In my experience, I've learned that exercising my Personal Power isn't about forcing your will on other people, but allowing people or opportunities to pass, letting them go and staying true to your course.

 People only have as much power over you as you give them, cupcakes.

Stepping into your Personal Power might be taking a risk (applying for that program you've been dreaming about or auditioning for the part!), breaking ties with a toxic friend, discovering new ways of authentically expressing yourself, giving yourself enough alone time to listen to you thoughts, making a job move, standing up to a bully--

Or putting on your favorite hot pants, planting your feet in the street and decreeing that you are the sovereign Queen of your own damn sequined destiny and aren't gonna take shit from no one, no how. 

Get in there and be your own golden-mulleted Repo (wo)Man.

It's different for everyone.

The Moral of The Personal Power Story is:

Life is no life with out it.
It's never to late to discover it.
It's never to late to take it back.
It's never too much

and you are always Enough.


What are your thoughts on Personal Power? Are you discovering it? Have you had to snatch it back?

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I adore both your youtube channel and your blog, Molly!


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