Science: Happy People Aren't Stupid

Welcome to Monday, Muffins!
It's a new moon: dark, open and ripe with possibility. A dark cozy pocket to plant new plans.

Setting intentions. Creating Goals. Looking forward.
It's a time to Plan our Happy.

I used to believe that Happy People were only happy because they were stupid or incredibly fortunate.
You'd have to be a half-baked moron to not be enraged by institutionalized injustice, corporate irresponsibility, the disappearance of record stores, the smoldering rainforests.

And Honey Boo Boo.
Mostly Honey Boo Boo.

You'd have to be a mouth breathing knuckle-dragger, because you could not possibly enjoy or make anything of this bullshit unless your brain hole was empty.


All of the "smart" people I knew were righteously (annoyingly) pessimistic--
And to be of great import, one must not only be incurably sad, but heroically apathetic.
Nothing expressed your enlightened coolness and holiness quite like being utterly unengaged.

The only way to be happy or successful was to be both stupid and lucky.
I lived this way for an embarrassingly long time. 

 While I can't recall the exact moment this changed for me, I remember the words,

"Never take advice from 

someone less happy than you."



This warranted highly scientific analysis.

 In investigating the Successful People* around me, I discovered an overwhelming presence of Happy.

*Successful People as defined for this post: People with healthy, positive and varied relationships, supporting themselves by doing what they love, and growing vivaciously while gardening others successes.

These Successful People burned the midnight oil, worked their assess off, lost often and still encountered tribulation.
The Conclusion of my research:
Being Happy was a lot of fucking work. It didn't happen to them.They chose it.


They choose it each and every day they wake up.
Even when it's hard.
Especially when it's hard. 

They weren't empty, dazed door-knob-licking douce bags:
They planned, investigated, produced and committed.

They weren't clueless.

They were courageous. 

They didn't simply switch off to remain blissfully ignorant to hurt or failure.
They defied it and said, Fuck It, I'm going to be AWESOME despite it.

Happy people don't dumbly stumble into happiness like a puddle in the parking lot--
Happy people MAKE things happen.

So while we're setting our intentions on the New Moon , SWITCH ON and get in it.
You have the brains to be happy: Choose it.

You can do it. 
We can do it.

Much Love,


Bohemian mom said...

Holy shit Molly - you rock! This is awesome! A W E S O M E !!
From someone who needs to CHOOSE happiness EVERY DAY, thank you, thank you, Thank YOU!
Going through some tough stuff right now and this particular science experiment of yours ROCKS :)

Serena said...

AWESOME post! Seriously! For the longest time I had this same sense of discontinuity about being happy and being intelligent and aware of the state of things in the world. Thank goodness for those shining stars living their lives in a way that proves that these things are not at all mutually exclusive. You, my dear, are one of those brightly shining stars. A superstar! xo

Anishinaabekwe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anishinaabekwe said...

It you keep it real you don't have to be fake about harsh realities. There are still many great injustices out there. Racism, sexism, domestic violence, environmental racism, mining on sacred lands in our territories in the Native community. It never ends. Does it mean I should let it bring me down because that is the goal to take me down and out. It makes me more here and now in the struggle for justice and healing. I am not going to be fake and in doing so happy happy is not real to me. You can be grateful for water from the tap and food stamps, no job, but I am angry that there are a lack of jobs and plenty of poverty all around.

A lil' quote so you get what I am saying...

"If ya got the good luck it's hard to figure out, what the one with the bad luck is carryin on about, what would just enough of the good luck and money or the lack of it do, make a young man of 40 an old man of 22..." ~ Greg Brown ~ People with the Bad Luck


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