Craft Adventure: Little Secrets

Instinct compels me to make tiny books--books that feel like little secrets, books you can slip into your pocket and stash under your pillow. This entire series features bite-sized goddess inspired work:

"Lux Mundi" is a fold out, hard cover collection of 10 of my favorite technicolor Madonna illustrations.  She's like a little prayer made out of drawings.

"The Neon Island" is a playful miniature rainbow maze book filled with goddess poetry inspired by the painting that makes up the back of the book. She is finished with a shiny brass brad and string.

"This is We" is a petite limited edition hard cover accordion poetry book with all sorts of rich details. I love painting each wooden heart and hand stamping each cover-- she feels like a little spell book.

 The work bench is full of glue and string as I cook up books for Midwest Zine Fest! What have you been making this week, muffins?

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