Brain Hugs: Gaga Feminism

     "This feminism is about improvisation, customization, and innovation. The gaga feminist, in other words, cannot settle into the house that the culture has built for her. S/he has to tear it down, re imagine the very meaning of house in form and function and only them can s/he rebuild."

I snatched up this book unsure whether it would be a snide essay on the death of feminism or a venture into slobbery idol worship.

Thankfully, and to my pleasure--It is neither.

Jack Halberstram (Professor of English and Director of The Center for Feminist Research at University of Southern California and accomplished gender politics author) presents a feminism that does not fight the fight of our mothers, but a new construction of the Woman Idea that borrows from Marxists theorists, sounding more like science fiction than reality...until you think about it.

 S/he presents Lady Gaga not as a leader or visionary, but simply as an example of a new order of feminism (that already exists)--

An Ism that defies sanity, definition and ideology. A feminism that reflects the saturated, shifting and illogical culture we survive in. 

And an enlightening discussion about Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Halberstram's romp through high and low theory is written with sharp snort inducing humor, inciting thought that makes you uncomfortable to be alone with yourself. Gaga Feminism is by no means a "light read", but asserts itself to be thoroughly entertaining, engaging and provocative.

I give it five out of five monsters.

What are you reading, Muffins?

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Amelia! said...

Nice, thankyou for sharing lovely, it must be in the air right now, as I, seethingly hormonal, am reading "Kissing the Hag" by Emma Restall Orr (an English Druid among other things) and am finding this foray into the 'unacceptable nature of women' very interesting. Questioning my own times of conformity and dirty and joyful hagness :) xxx


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