Self Love: Let's Get RADICAL


Yeah, I said it.


I made you a video Valentine to talk about what Self Love is and how you can give this INCREDIBLY powerful gift to yourself whenever and however you want.

 This is not a sex toy post...that's coming later.





Self Love is the Radical notion that you don't have to hate yourself

 Self Love is Self Respect: you can be your very own super hero, you're very own best friend. 

Everything you need is already in your beautiful creamy cosmic center. 

DISCLAIMER: This video is LOUD and I use a bit of coarse language. 
(So little HerSpeak fans, it's time to ear-muff up.)

How do you practice Self Love? What can you give yourself TODAY?

Heart Goodies from me to you, Muffins.


Have you seen the HerSpeak coloring book?

Get your mittens on it here!



1 comment:

Stacie said...

I love everything you have to say. (Not just this entry; I read your blog from an RSS feed, so I don't always get to comment.) The video was AMAZING.

Be my best friend/sister/life guide? Your choice. :)


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