Rumblings from the Command Center

On my list of 100 Fucking Awesome Things To Do This Year is Complete a Solo Exhibition. As I discussed in a previous post, the climate hadn't been conducive to creating.

But now, the formative RAINBOW FLOOD GATES ARE OPEN.

All of the pent up energy and ideas are rushing out and it is thrilling...and probably dangerous.

Here are a few sneaky peeks of the show in progress. All of the figures are drawn life size or larger on canvas with a grab-bag of mixed media materials:

Clearly, MILES to go before I sleep--but I am so excited to begin a new series.
 I couldn't help but share them, even in their embryonic state. :)

The work bench has been full of these petite paintings too: rock goddesses, super heroines and professional Bad Asses. It's been a BLAST to get back into Etsy Land. The idea that the work is in the mail, winging it's way to the UK and Australia...

Makes me all  giggle-snorty!

And finally--I wanted to show you one of my FAVORITE commissions of all time.  A body-builder and fitness goddess friend asked me to create this She-Hulk portrait.



The only thing that could have made this more fun to make would be the possible addition of some googly eyes.

But that's a different project.

What have you been up to this week?
Tell me about what Awesome Sauce you've been stirring.

Keep making what you're making--

Go Forth and DO STUFF!

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