Little Black Heart: Craft Monsta

Scientific Fact #1: Everyone loves getting mail.

Scientific Fact #2: Everyone ESPECIALLY loves handmade mail. 

In the Midwest we are in the midst of the post-holiday wasteland part of the winter--the part that feels like it goes on for years:

It's a good time for happy surprises: like lovely letters in the post.

As devout craft monsters it is our duty to bust as much suck as possible...with stamps and glitter. :)

Though I don't subscribe to the go-to-the-drugstore-and-buy-me-a-gyrating-robot -bear-to prove-your devotion-Valentines club, I do enjoy preparing for Valentines. As kids, I remember my Mom decorating the house with little stuffed satin hearts she had sewed--

Or standing on a kitchen chair covered in paste with sequins stuck to our faces creating Extreme Valentines. (In our family--you go big or go home.)

It was the same reason I loved ALL holidays at our house: because we made stuff together.

And so I continue this tradition by sending the cool people in my world a few pieces of pretty paper to remind them just how cool they are:

Do you have Valentine traditions? Cookies? Cards? Or Self Imposed Exile?

Sending YOU much love!


Suzie Ridler said...

Beautiful! Love this inspiring crafty post!

When it comes to Valentine's Day, I'm all about the food. I like to make truffles for Reg if I can.

I'm in love with hearts so I make stuff with them all the time. I just finished making a giant candy hearts-covered ring which I must blog about soon!

Serena said...

Love those adorable little black hearts! I am starting all kinds of new traditions in my life these days. I'm so through with the old and totally up for the new. Working on making some floral valentine creations, myself. Have yourself lots of over-the-top glittery good Valentine's crafting fun!


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