It's Here! I Can Do Anything Color Party

Hello Kittens!
How was your week? Mine was a technicolor blur of stupendous highs and terrific lows: life changes are happening! Luckily there was time in between the tears of joy and madness to MAKE STUFF.

That's what it's about,  isn't it?

My latest project has sprouted little wings and is ready for you, Muffins!


HerSpeak Presents: 

"I Can Do Anything" A Girl Positive Coloring Book.

I remember coloring books as a high-inducing part of my sublime childhood. (Up there with strawberry poptarts at my Grandma's house and rainy afternoon Sailor Moon marathons.)

Hours were poured into saturating every inch of a piece of news print until the paper broke down and turned into what felt like a well loved handkerchief.

Ponies. Princesses. Castles. Princess on Ponies. Castles full of ponies. Princesses in castles.

There is nothing wrong with pages of Princesses--but I never really wanted to be a princess.

I wanted to be Queen.
The Captain of the Space Ship--
The Knight that took out the dragon--
The Rock Star the Killed the Stage--
The Hero the city deserved!

I Can Do Anything is a series of 15 illustrations depicting Girls of different shapes, sizes, and colors being ACTIVE: wizards, adventurers, athletes, dreamers and inventors. 

For big girls, little girls, or big and little girls to color together.

I had a BLAST creating this book: Talking to other women and girls about their dreams, getting giddy over Flying V guitars and space cats.

I hope you have as much fun creating the color magic as I had drawing it. :) You can snag a copy for yourself or a special little super hero here.

You can do anything, cupcakes.

 Much Love,

1 comment:

Shell said...

Wow..this is really cool, Molly. I agree with you. I never wanted to be a Princess. Always wanted to be a Knight or The heroine who saves the day. Didn't want to be saved.


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