All Humans Do It: A Guide for Beginners Part 2

Last week in the girl fort, we discussed what ritual is, who uses it and how to design your own rituals.  We looked at a brief and effective grounding ritual for getting focused and reconnected when we're feeling like a crazy pants.

This post will introduce cleansing rituals: What they are and how you can use them.


 What is cleansing?

 Cleansing is about clearing away and making room, both physically and mentally.

I use cleansing techniques when my brain-heart battery needs a recharge, when it feels like there is just TOO MUCH STUFF going on or I'm STUCK and need movement.

How the hell do you cleanse?

Gold Star for asking, kitten!

There are a plethora of cleansing tools you can call on.

Here are just a few examples:

Smudging burning of herbs (usually sage) or incense and using the smoke to "bathe" yourself, a space or an object to get rid or crummy energy or thoughts. You can buy them at most health food stores or make your own. I use sage, lavender and a turkey feather to fan the smoke. 

Sound clearing uses instruments, drums, or voices to clear a space of any yuck. Bells, chimes, singing bowls are popular tools--though it can be as simple as clapping your hands

Sweeping is exactly what it sounds like: you sweep the floor, and as you do you visualize ALL of the other mental debris you are trying to get rid of and dump it in the trash. TAKE THAT!

Visualizing and allowing ourselves to be still are a gentle, yet potent cleansing tools. We'll talk more about meditation in the next installment!

An Old Fashioned Get Shit Out Party! Create mental space by creating physical space.

So how do I make a Cleansing Ritual?

As with any other ritual, it's intuitive.
Isn't that beautiful?

You can choose one or combine any cleansing techniques you like.

Ask yourself what you need right now. Some space to breathe? For the brain to quiet down? To Release some unwanted burden or attention? To feel more comfortable in your home?

Ask yourself what feels right. Maybe walking around your apartment with a drum isn't your style, maybe you take a hot shower and imagine what's stressing you being washed down the drain.

 Use your sense of style and experiment!

Do you have any experience cleansing? Is there a technique you would like to try?

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Shell said...

I also enjoy doing sky watching. I sit on the couch and watch the clouds sail by for 5- 10 minutes. And imagining a shower of rainbow sparkles coming down on me. Clearing away the negativity and bringing it back down to mother earth to rejuvenating to positive energy.


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