Studio Tour Vlog: Super Secret Plans Revealed!

Hello Kittens! I began writing a post detailing the new wave of goodies that are coming to HerSpeak and decided it would be WAY more fun to just show you. In this little video I give you a tour of my micro studio and fill you in on all the magic coming up:

A brand SPANKIN' new ebook, solo exhibition, dream board musings, the 14 Days of heART Project and the Magic Book of Make It Happen.

So much fun stuffandartandsparkles I can't even stand it.

What does your command center look like? Do you have new projects that are hatching? Ready to share your rainbow powered genius with the world? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Shell said...

I enjoyed the tour of your Her Speak headquarters.
Looks like you are going to rock 2013 with all your projects. Awesome.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hi Molly, glad to see you're still living la vie artistique!

Suzie Ridler said...

Molly, you are amazing! And so organized, I am so impressed. I love the sound of all of your projects and can't wait to hear more. Especially your Etsy shop, super exciting! And way to go kicking the habit and I'm the same way with stickers, they make me happy.

OK, I did this video a while ago with my old shaky camera but I am hesitant to share because your space is so rockin'!

Awesome sauce.

Serena said...

It is ALWAYS super, duper INSANELY inspiring to come see what you're up to. You're a creative dynamo! I have a manifesting journal in which I've put one goal per page (and it's filled to almost the last blank page) for 2013. LOTS of good plans and I'm psyched to make this my best year EVAH. LOVE your command center! LOVE that term for it! I need to make myself one. Right now everything's piled up next to me on the couch, and moves with me to the kitchen table when I move over there. When I fix myself up a command center, I will be sure to document it and give you a shout out on the FB.

Amelia Heart said...

Hiya Molly! You do indeed rock, thanks so much for sharing your heART all the time!
For the first time ever this life long born-artist now has an art & creation room all of her very own!!
Built my desk this afternoon, decking it out all supportive and feng shui-like, and makin shit happen!
Oh And your women's circle video has helped me so very much to start my own circle, and IT ROCKS!! <3

Love! Amelia

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Awesome projects! Love the high energy here. Will be cheering for you along the way in 2013 too. :)


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