Quest to Quit Vlog: Kick What's Kicking You

Hello Muffins!
Some of you know about  my Quest to Quit Smoking...
Probably most of you since I told EVERYONE.

I wanted to share it. It felt right. I needed the accountability.

In this vlog  I share my smoking history, why I did it and why I stopped.

You can kick whatever is kicking you--
It might not be smoking: It might be poisonous food or crummy friendships.
Whatever it might be that keeps you from being the truest expression of yourself--

You can do it. You've got this shit on lock, babes.
Let's Pow wow!

Is there something you are trying to release?
Share it with us in the comments--it's about accountability.
We are in this together, cupcakes. 


Anonymous said...

Down in front Marney!!! I loved the post and thank you for the kick in the @$$ Molly kike everything you do, this blog will take you places and you're darn good at it too. :)

Anonymous said...

******** LIKE #typo omg like like like!!!!!! It's Dan btw. I really loved your post and I regret #failing on my first post on your wonderful blog. Keep rolling honey, you are awesome beyond words

Bettieboo999 said...

Molly- I love your posts! I am trying to kick the stress eating habit..... and maybe the stress habit too! It is so hard! Oy!


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