Do You Accept The Mission?

It happens all the time:
we experience performances, view immaculately executed prints hung on a wall with the surgical precision of a ballerina, notice people moving effortlessly from one stage of life to another and we worry--

We worry that we aren't enough like them. Or we worry that we are too strange, too sloppy, too late and the Having-Our-Shit-Together-Future is nowhere in sight.

We don't need to be like anyone else.
You don't need to be like everybody else.
I don't need to be like everybody else.

You are not everybody else--
your sea anemone heart flows and reaches and notices minute changes in temperature.

Art and Artful Living and Living Artfully is not about merging into an anonymous ghost land--
It is not a covert club, secret society or fashion show.

Making and Doing and Being are not Exclusive activities.
No country club membership is required.

A professional bad ass plays golf where ever the fuck she wants.

It's good that you don't look like everyone else.
It's perfect that your work doesn't look or sound like everyone else.
It is divine that your efforts--whatever they may be--are different.

Can you imagine it? The Great Shame it would be to allow the pull of Sameness to distract us from the braingasmic magic of Realization?

I am willing to bet both of my Kittens that no human has ever laid on a bed, surrounded by friends as they rocket to the next phase of the Rainbow Journey and confidently said,

"I am most certainly glad I never tried.
 I'm thankful I never learned how. 
What a great relief I never expressed my Truth.
Being a ROCK STAR man,
THAT would have been embarrassing --WHew!"

I'd bet you both my kittens AND a stick of bubble gum that this has never happened. 

We don't need to be like anyone else.

We punish ourselves with Fear and it's toxic byproduct: The Excuse.

     But, I'm not the best. 
     I'm not the most popular human on the internet. 
     I'm not gifted. I'm small. It's been done before...


SCIENCE: All of the important elements in the Universe: Acts of Beauty, Expressions of Love, Oxygen and a few other essential molecules-- regardless of size, the state of the economy or weather conditions-- will always matter.

Your efforts to create will always matter. 
You don't have to be like anyone else.

 In fact, The world is in dire need of your efforts--
It craves your creative endeavors, your confidence and your sublime contributions.
The planet needs your zines and poems and paintings and home cooking--
It needs your deeds to heal and connect and give meaning.

Do you accept the mission?

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