Days of heART: a Girl, a Backpack and a Quest

They are my favorite places: places blanketed in stickers, havens for sentimental bathroom graffiti, paint in unexpected places.
On rainy days in the spring many years ago, my friends and I would adventure out to the city enjoying the freedom that came with a borrowed car and visit those places--

coffee shops,  book stores, the bus stops, co-op washrooms.
I think it's part of why I decided to move and make my home here.

When I travel, my favorite parts of the trip happen when we make a discovery—
When we stumble upon a neon pink brick, a message on the sidewalk, a garden statue nestled in tall grass.

Those moments feel like signs—

Voices from other dimensions:
“We’re still here. We still care.”

It is difficult to describe the joy and meaning that those bits of paper and sharpie marker brought to my life. Moments of serendipity. Moments when the Universe is plugged in and speaking directly to you.
 In moments of total shut down and cynicism and anger, it restored my faith in humans.
Maybe we are going to be okay.

It’s time to return the favor.

Days of heART

I have a backpack FULL of  painted stickers, posters, wheat paste, yarn, handmade books and other Super Secret Implements of Happy Surprises with which I plan to bring heART to my neighborhood.

For the next  14 days I will be documenting this quiet campaign and if I’m INCREDIBLY LUCKY, manage capture some of the interactions with or reactions to the work.

Because everyone deserves a Happy Accident.
Because art makes your life better.

 Because no act of Beauty is too small.

Friday morning I begin the quest. You can follow the project progress on my instagram.
Wish me luck, Kittens!


Lindsey said...

oh, i love those glittery heart rocks! how great would a pile of those look for v day? you commented at hellohydrangea.com and I wanted to answer you! My best friend is from Wisconsin and she can attest to your crazy snowy winters!

Shell said...

Hope you also put pics on your blog too. Im not on instagram and like to see all the art you are sharing for your 14 days of love.


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