All Humans Do It: a Guide for Beginners

It is such a treat to meet up with my Mum and Sister tribe--brainstorming shenanigans, being anarchists and eating truffles. While sipping coffee and watching the snow we started talking ritual:

"What if you wrote about ritual for beginners?"

And since my Mum is a Goddess and full of Good ideas-- here I am writing you this love letter. 

This is the first of several installments in which we'll discuss what ritual is, what it's for and rituals for you to try!


What is ritual? 

A ritual is a sequence of actions performed (in most cases) for symbolic value. Examples of rituals: praying the rosary, carving of turkey at Thanksgiving and the lighting of the Olympic torch.

Who performs rituals?


Ritual is ingrained in us as human animals: the ways we prefer to live, eat, prepare for sleep, visit friends, celebrate holidays, the way we pray, how we grieve, and how our latte is fixed up just the way we like.

Why would I use a ritual?

To heal, to manifest, to release, to clear, to relax, to pray or meditate. Ritual can be a powerful tool for living a purposeful, healthy and rich inner life which leads to an effective, productive public life.

Do I have to be a witch to practice rituals?

No: you do not have to be of any religious denomination to practice a ritual.
We practice secular rituals every day. :)

How do I create my own rituals?

AWESOME question, Muffin!
  • Start by asking yourself what you need right now
  • Ask yourself what symbols resonate with you. Use your instincts and imagination.
  • Research other people's ritual practices to help you build your own.
A few personal examples of how ritual plays into my daily life:
  • After a scuzzy day at work I smudge myself with sage to get rid of the work yuck and feel free to carry on with my evening.
  • In the bath, I use Epsom salts and pretty soap to "wash" anything heavy down the drain
  • I like to listen to a grounding meditation on my iPod while I fall asleep.

Ritual can be POWERFUL and simple as easy-peasy-orangey-squeezy!

Would you like to try? 

Do you have any rituals that you already use? Are you interested in trying to incorporate rituals to supercharge your totally amazing existence?  Share it with us!





Boho mom said...

omfg girl - I love this, need this and will honour this!!! Loving your blog's energy these days and am going to follow as part of my daily ritual - Ha!

refeathered said...

I'm just starting the process of creating ritual- something that I identified as seriously lacking in my day to day life.

I'm crafting a "shut down" ritual to close the day. My first big step was to set a cut-off time for work. No more lesson planning, prepping, grading, whatevers after 7:00. I know that there will be the occasional rule break, but so for it's done wonders.

My shut down ritual is also currently including a warm shower, hot tea and kitty/Ler snuggles. :)


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