Voodoo Spider Queen Painting Diary

Hello Muffins! It's been quite some time since I've posted a painting diary and wanted to invite you into the studio for a cup of cocoa to talk shop!  Let's get to it:

Once upon a time there was a really sad painting living near the dumpster behind my building. (It had a friend that you will see in the future.) It was a painting someone had taken the care to frame--so I decided it was worth the effort to recycle. I haven't created a painting THIS SMALL in years. It was going to be a struggle. Time to Experiment!

I'll admit it--I had no plan for this painting other than the insatiable itch to make a painting. The pallet was inspired by a magazine ad  (the teal and magenta background on the left). The ground was built up with washes, splatters, glazing and a little sharpie marker.

And then this happened.
Not sure where she came from--
but I wanted to know her and decided to flow with the weirdness.
She seemed like an appropriate totem for the action and blessings in my life at the moment.

While bringing my Spideress to life, my eyes wanted something more fantastical. 
She's a spider, so what?

In came the bunny ears and fire fly lights! My source material as of late have been books about Voodoo Prayer flags: I'm drawn into the detail, the bright colors and emphasis on the figure telling a story versus being anatomically perfect. 
 A few rounds of glazing brought her webs into being. (Pro tip: if you are out of glazing medium, Elmer's School glue will do the trick.) A salt shaker of violet glitter, painted lashes and tattooed sleeves made her more comfortable in her spider skin...

While making her technicolor universe, the mantra kept coming back: "Create Support".
Normally, I stray from using text in my work: but fuck it--it's an experiment! 

  Dumpster Painting is now a Spider Queen with a crown of hearts and an all-seeing body. (There are still traces of the initial work peeking out from underneath--little clouds of tangerine and crimson.)  Click the image below for a larger view.

What have you been bringing into being, starlets?

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