Full Moon Wish Party!

Hello Puddings! The Chaos of yet another Holiday season has passed with it's onslaught of casseroles unsettled house pets. The days between Christmas and New Years are such a strange syrupy span of time in which we are exhausted from past preparations and starting to spin the beginnings of serious goal setting.

A magic time if you think about it.

Everyone's intentions simmering simultaneously--
reflecting on what the hell has just happened,
taking stock of the jewels and deciding what to keep,
choosing to forget or let go of what didn't do us justice,
hoping that the near future will prove to be sane and productive--even exciting.

rock shows, train trips, make ups, break ups, bleed outs, 
bank robberies, toilet paper poems and handmade star fish.

And a full Mama Moon like a winter pearl.

Could there be a more perfect time to make 
a wish,
a prayer
a petition?

You bet your cupcake bum, there isn't. 

 Like most good things, wishing is made 
exponentially more awesome when we do it together.

My wish for you in the coming year is that you evolve
 into a new species that's never been seen:

That the things that occupy most of your time
and the things that bring you insane joy are one in the same:

That your Successes break the sound barrier:

That every day you wake to bat your lashes you remember you are a prism--
and when light moves through you
you make the colors that move others.

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