Professional Development: Badassery 101

I recently celebrated my one-year-anniversary in the corporate world and have been reflecting on the experiences I have accumulated. It was messy and challenging, but most importantly transformative. After the war, how I can best put these lessons to use and load the love-gun for this coming year? I wanted to share my findings with all of my blogess friends who are preparing to go forth and burn their cities down:

Recognize all of your facets. You are not your job--your job is a tool or a vehicle to get you places. Even in a "Career" environment, it's okay to not love every waking moment of your work life. Nurturing yourself outside of the office or away from the counter will make you stronger, healthier and even MORE bad ass than you already are. Robots can complete tasks--PEOPLE contribute to a team. Do what makes you feel like People.

Don't feel silly about meeting new people. Connections are the conduit to making IT happen. You can work as long and hard as you like, but  continuous slaving will amount to nothing if no one knows about your magic.  Build your own support and SHARE. (More on the subject of networking to follow...)

Make the goal concrete. Math Time! Dream + List  = Goal. Using friends as sounding boards is a great start, but once you bring your thoughts into this dimension there is accountability. The basic act of making a list, journal entry or collage is the first step to making it REAL.

Don't be afraid to cut out the weeds. Creating isn't always about Making-- sometimes it's about trimming down, being selective and "cleaning house". Prune and simplify to see what grows.

It's okay to fuck up. Fucking up is essential to streamlining. Fuck ups help you figure out what works, what doesn't, what you are or are not comfortable with. Embrace the fuck and learn from it.

Be open to possibilities! Opportunities are hiding in plain site if you are willing to look for them. Set out with the mindset to embrace newness--let yourself be a whale with baleen and jewels will surface where you least expect them.

Be proud of your work.  Be your own advocate, booking agent, sales person, marketing genius and gold star wearing pony. No one knows better than you what you are capable of. *See tip Number 1.*

It's okay to Stand out. The professional world is not like high school--you will not be chastised for your differences. You will be Celebrated.Being courageous enough to stand tall and offer up your talent communicates that you ARE exceptional and confident. Be a unicorn among sheep.  

Invest in yourself. The outside world will invest in you once you  can prove you are willing to invest in yourself. Is there a class you want to take? Supplies you need? Do you need to rest? Some alone time? Something you want to know more about? Find one thing you can do RIGHT NOW to feed yourself to get growing.

It's okay to be nice. Niceness and doormat-ness are not the same. You can be good at your life and still care about others. Being Kind also means practicing kindness with yourself. Your commitment to Self Kindness will keep drainers at bay and protect you from being trampled on. (BONUS: Self Niceness leads to power house productivity  +++.) 

Recognize that even when things feel stagnant they are not. Don't let the illusion of monotony drag you down--everything moves and changes in ways we don't see. If you are experiencing stuckness institute a shake up: a new method, a new outfit, a new arrangement, a new friend, a new job. Try it. You'll like it.

Any professional lessons you've collected that you would like to share with the class? 

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Boho mom said...

Applause Molly!!!
("You are not your job--your job is a tool or a vehicle to get you places.")

amen sistah!!
thank you !!!


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