Adventures in Space

8 thirty-gallon garbage bags of clothes.
9 bags of garbage.
A shipwreck of Dilapidated grimy furniture.
A deserts worth of cat-fur tumble weeds and countless filthy sponges.

Adventures in Space.
Cleaning where no girl has cleaned before.

I've always believed that your surroundings are a reflection of your current cognitive landscape. But it always seemed to be more about arranging and beautifying and less about letting go. The past few weeks have been an experiment and celebration of Releasing.

Why do we cling to garbage? Do I really need a cubic foot of disintegrating nylons? Stacks of magazines that have been carved of everything but the spine? The junk situation had become stiffling. Suffocation by socks and take out ephemera.

The appartment is exhaling, breathing and creating space--Just like me.

This house cleaning was a spiritual cleanse.

It is so revitalizing to realize you are not a slave to your things. Your home is designed to nurture you, not engulf you. I've always struggled with letting go of accessories and trinkets. Approaching the chore with a meditative mind simplified the process significantly.

Does this object have a vital purpose? Does it fill me with fantastic Joy that shoots from my unicorn horn in a shower of treasure trolls and star dust? Or am I just through cleaning the cat puke off of it? GET IT OUT!

As I removed physical trash and draining clutter from each room, the space in my chest cavity grew as well.

Real Breathing.

Making room for goodness to enter: fill in the cushions of the sofa and settle into the window sills. Creating a place not only for my stuff, but for me. A space for movement and ease and nourishment.

A space that reflects who I am and not what I have.

The clarity that comes with letting go is astounding. A shift in environments. Seismic movement in the Soul.

What would you love to let go? How can you make your home love you the best it can? I'd love to know!

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