Transmission from One Underground Rainbow Goddess to Another

 *This Important message is brought to you from Goodness Knows Where*

Dearest Muffin, <--- (That's You.)
You are your own best friend.
You, in fact, are your very own bedecked Protectress.
You are not Kleenex or cough syrup-- don't confuse yourself with medicine.
You are not a wishing well, anonymous hotline or therapist--
if those around you are unwell or unwilling to be well it is not your responsibility to fix them.
You are a Mystical Kitten of Empathy:
but it is not your duty to appease, accommodate or accept all pain as your own.
You have the power to set Boundaries.
You have your own permission to choose Adventure.
You are Brave and Capable and deserving of success:
Success in Love, Success in Business and Success in Spirit.
While you are monolithic and of the Earth--You are not territory to be squabbled over.
Say "NO" to strip-miners who covet the golden goodies of your Soul.
You are too cunning to be trapped--Escape from the smudgy glass and shit of the Zoo!
Eat children.
Climb trees.
Rebuild your tribe of Beasties.
You may not notice that you've grown taller,
but you have:
You are being healed.
You are Loved.
You are on your way.

You & Me


Shell said...

Love this, Molly.
I have learned big time over the summer about establishing boundaries. Having boundaries is all about self love.

SacredOrdinaryMoments said...

Beeeeautiful shtuff! So soothes my heart and strengthens my Goddess Spirit.

p.s. I'm writing from a different blog now - don't want to mention previous one's name as I'm trying to stay incognito from certain of my own "strip miners" who I want to keep far away from moi. But it (the name) had to do with the "sharing in the nighttime visions of certain sea creatures" and rhymed with "cream with the dishes".

Boho mom said...

You are AWESOME...this is awesome and where do I sign up to join the tribe !!!
peace & love


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