Manual To Making Your Life Suck Less Right Now

Hello Pumpkin's!
I know it's rough out there-- beartraps, monsters and yuck STUCK.

Don't worry, we're in this together and today I wanted to write you about capitalizing on all your awesome molocules.

Welcome to HerSpeak's Manual to Making Your Life Suck Less Right Now. Let's hit it!

Tip #1: Do the best you can.
The kindergarten rule. Do the Best you can. Even if doing your best means saying, "Today, I will not rip out my hair and smother myself in ash!" If that's your best, then that is your best. Just do the best you can.

Tip #2: Don't promise more than you can actually give.
We all know what Burn Out feels like: you become a cranky crispified version of the person you once were. Burn Out is a direct contributor to Sucking. Don't give away more of your time or spirit than you can afford. Sometimes people are going to have to wait. They will live and so will you.  

Tip #3: It's okay if everyone doesn't like you.
Thank goodness greeness that life isn't really a pagent: it's okay if everyone doesn't like you. When you Speak your Truth, odds are it's going to rub someones fur the wrong direction. It's okay--you don't need them. :) Don't let other people determine the sort of person you are.

Tip #4: Recognize your support.
It's okay to need support--everyone does. Seek out your mentors (who may be fictional, historical, professional contacts or family members) and strengthen your connections with true friends by reaching your rainbow fingers out! Suck is nowhere to be found when there are more kids at the party! And then roll around in the sparkle pile that is knowing you are LOVED.

Tip #5: Set your boundaries.
If you show the world that you respect your time, space and gifts, the people around you will respect your time, space and gifts. Self Respect is a Suckness Buster. Be Firm.

Tip #6: Smarter not Harder.
While we have little controll over our work loads, stress levels and relationships we DO have controll over how we choose to manage it. Am I going to be a snotty puddle of crocodile tears? Or am I going to create a great system-with-cherries-and-kick-ass-on-top and karate chop this into the next century? Being emotionally exhausted is just that: exhausting. A stress management game plan is the sweetess suck-reducing gift you can give yourself.

Tip #7: You are Brave.
Give yourself credit for your courage. On your quest to being a Professional Bad Ass the first one to die is Fear. What scares you? Imperfection? Failure? Disapointing others--even people you don't even know? You have the tiger heart. You can face it. You won't die. Your hair won't start on fire. Anxiety is not permanent--pass through it, learn from it, let it go and get yourself an icecream for being magic.


Tip #8: One thing at a time. 



Anishinaabekwe said...

Perfect and I so need guidance like this! I may print this out and put it somewhere so I can remind myself of it, daily, that is!

Boho mom said...

Molly - I luv you for posting this! I needed to see this so badly - thank you girl !!
Printing it out for my fridge where I can see it!!

Yvonne said...

Wonderful post. Wise words!

Anonymous said...



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