Tree Choir: Forest Medicine

Hello Muffins--How I have missed you! The summer has slipped away—but before she put on her autumn dress I managed to steal away to the woods.


Hiking the trails at Copper Falls was as magnificent as I recalled as a girl: pine perfume, shifting light and the rumble of the falls below you. While the churning water itself is mesmerizing—carving canyons, consuming rocks and fallen timber like oyster crackers—it was the forest that captured me.

Gnarled branches reaching out from the cadavers of trees lying in the dirt.

Moss existing quietly, curling and creeping over the course of weeks.

Ferns that shiver close to the ground making shade for salamanders.

Everything crumbling and thriving simultaneously.

As I have written to you in the past, it has been a challenging year—reinventing, evolving and being stretched…not always gracefully.

In awe of the calm, I noticed even with ALL of the extreme changes of this place—falling, sprouting, breaking, rotting, climbing—that nothing was flailing its arms.

None of it spitting and snarling and smashing its teeth.

None of it guzzling gin until it embarrassed itself.

None of it was spinning out of control despite parts of it being snapped away, struck by lighting, burnt up and made into dirt.

Dandelion seeds will still swim here no matter what.


“Be like the woods”, I thought.

“Even when your limbs are missing and you aren’t given enough room, you can still be stunning, assured and nurturing new parts of yourself. Always.

Peace does not mean never struggling or feeling ache.

Peace is the accepting hurts and joys will coexist without you helping.

Peace is the quiet knowing will Survive it.”


Boho mom said...

Molly - get your butt back here regularly!
I love this post and the pics take my breath away - my absolute favourite time of year is here!
peace girl!

Anishinaabekwe said...

The forest is medicine thats why I spend as much time as possible in the woods. I've got the Manistee National Forest up in these parts or what we call - Naaminitigong - meaning - land beneath the trees.

By the way I love your boots. Where did you get them at?


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