Poptart Party How To!

Hello Muffins! It's Super Killer Craft Party at HerSpeak Headquarters. Today we're making a sweet-enough-to-eat poptart phone case!

Stuff you'll need:
2 pieces of felt or pleather slightly larger than your phone or iPod. (I chose pleather for durability.)
1 piece of felt for frosting of your choice
assorted rainbow embroidary floss
fabric glue

First, you'll trace your phone onto your "crust" fabric.
I used an awl to pre-puncture holes for easier sewing.
Stitch the layers together, leaving the top open. 

Next, we'll make the frosting--
 Use small stitches with your rainbow floss to make sprinkles!

Secure the frosting to the case with a strong fabric glue.
I chose not to sew the frosting directly to the case since I know it
 will get scrubby and I'll want to replace it at a later date.

BLAM! Bad ass poptart case!

So cute, it's illegal in most states.

What have you been making, muffins?

1 comment:

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Cute and easy! Luv it. :)
I´m working with decluttering/organizing projects and this week we are going through our music collection. I´d love to have you as a guest with this as a bonus project next Friday (August 17th)!!! iPod case fits the theme wonderfully. Send me a note and we´ll arrange a playdate! :D


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