Wonder Women! Film Review

Hello Kittens!
 This weekend we threw a clean shirt and some snacks in the car and sped to Indianapolis for a viewing of "Wonder Women: The Untold Story of American Super Heroines". The documentary chronicles the evolution of Wonder Woman from her We-Can-Do-It inception in the 1940's to the use of her image in the Riot Grrrl movement to her current role as a feminist icon.

It was energizing to remember Wonder Woman's roots: a part goddess, part amazon from Paradise Island who was not only saving the world from evil, but self sufficient and promoting the ideals of Hope. Once her gauntlets graced the page, she has been the visual embodiment of the struggles of women in America.

Perhaps the most important message of the film is that Wonder Woman gave women an image they had never seen before. It was powerful--if you can't conceive it, you can not dream it. Through media, Girls need to see what they  can become:

Women can be their own Protectors.
We can save the world. 

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Shell said...

Hey Molly, so glad to see your back.
Thank you for the link to WW documentary. If it comes to NYC, I'm going to check it out.
Hope your having a wonderful summer.


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