Explosion of "No"

Hello Kittens! As many of you know, I've been away from the blogosphere for quite some time. I won't bore you with the lumpy ugly details but I will sum up my sojourn by saying this has been an incredibly difficult year and I've grown a lot--
and growth is a bitch.

Perhaps one of the most valuable lessons I have come to learn is the incredible, necessary, nourishing and explosive Power of No. I have never been able to say no. In the past, No meant being a Negative Nancy, closing doors, cutting off potential friends and possible fun.

No is not inconsiderate.

No is your best weapon to defeat bullshit.
No is a friend you can hold close.
No is an amulet that protects your sacred juices.

An now, I am joyfully slinging handfuls of No, rolling in No, collecting up jars of No for my mantle and blowing No bubbles! Won't you join me?

No, you may not suck up all of my personal time.
No, I will not poison myself with fatty garbage.
No, I will not burn out for you.
No, I will not take on all of your problems as my own.
No, you may not touch me just because you think you can.
No, I am  not a therapist.
No, I will not do dishes in lieu of writing.
No, I will not make myself invisible.
No, I will not smile while you climb on my back.
No, I will not prey on others.
No, I will not fall for this trick again.
No, I am not your mother.
No, I will not be disenchanted.

Thank you. :)

What will  you say no to?


Shell said...

I had intense six weeks. It has taught me that saying no is truly saying yes to yourself.
Embracing No is the way to go, my friend.

Boho mom said...

Oh Molly - my soul sista!!
I love this powerful post (punches fist into the air shouting "NO")
You rock, I love your list, and soon need to take an inventory of my own messy life.
You inspire me as always and it's so good to read your writing.
Happy weekend!!


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