Stuff That's Totally Doin' It For Me

Hello Kittens! I've been away too long and I've missed my blog muffins! Let's warm up and get back into the groove with some Stuff That's Totally Doin' It For Me--

To start, this film looks AMAZING-- full of round house kicks and star wipes! I'm pulling for a screening in my city. Peep it:

Snazzy home made lepord print manni-- 
A little pink polish and permanent marker!

Operation Rainbow Gypsy Grrrl Caravan is still going strong
--new bunting for the parlor. Make the day the way you want it!

And to close--"Anna Sun" by Walk the Moon. 
A neon party anthem packed full of essential Leg warmers,
Facepaint and Cardboard guitar.

What is totally doin' it for you this week, cupcakes?


Crystalrainbow said...

ooooh loving the strips of fabric and such cool idea with the nails :)

Jess said...

Love your nails. =) Totally cool.
For me this week, is crisp bread with cottage cheese on lol haha... I cant stop eating it. =)
Have a good day.


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