Girlism: 23 Ways to Live It

We live in the future, kittens! We are too smart, too fast and too soulfull to be squashed the bull$hit of sexism, thinism and hateism. Girlsim & Womanism is not a crime, passing phase or disease. We know it's true--let others know it. Be the rEVOLution.


If the show degrades you--don't watch it. If the magazine cuts you down--don't read it. If the joke isn't funny--don't laugh at it.

If the conversation makes you uncomfortable, say so.

Support your female friends in their aspirations.

See films directed by women that depict strong heroines.

Tell your story as many times as you can.

Wear lipstick because it makes you happy, not because you have to.

Mentor! You don't have to be a shamaness to mentor. Being a mentor is making yourself available. Being a mentor is listening.

Lead by example. We learn by watching our mothers, sisters, co-workers and friends.

Vote as many times as you can.

Be a regular: support your local woman-owned businesses.

Boycott people and organizations that harm you. Protest with your pocket book.

Talk about your observations and experiences at the dinner table, over coffee and after the movie.

Do what you love as often and as intensely as you can.

Show your daughters and cousins that a princess does not have to forfeit her legs or home or heart to be whole and happy.

Learn as much as you can. Distinguish the difference between "information" and knowledge.

Remember that the pain of others is just as real as your pain.

Know that you are not alone-- remind others that they are not alone.

Use whatever language necessary. Whatever dance. Whatever billboard.

Patronize female musicians that enhance your reality. Encourage them. Share them!

Shame only works if you accept it. Refuse to be ashamed. Embrace your artistry.

Make your own media. Create your own channels. Record your own stories.

To the annoyance and disdain of your antagonists, Wage Your Love War as hard as you can.


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

My first action will be to share this all over the place. :)

Anishinaabekwe said...

Yes this is amazing, I love it!

Shell said...

Wow..love this list. I hope you don't mind, I put it on Twitter too.

Angela said...

"when she walks the revolution's coming, in her hips there's revolution. . . rebel girl, you are the queen of my world!" (Bikini Kill)

Boho mom said...

Oh man - I could not possible say anything that could make this more AWESOME!!!!
You Rock Molly!!!


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