A red candle to warm the roots and bring you back home.
An orange candle to rekindle and cultivate your clever, creative intent.
A yellow candle to brighten the Way and Roar.
A green candle to heal the hurts you can see and the ones you can't.
A pink candle to calm and caress and clear your Love light.
A blue candle to soothe sorrows and strengthen your song.
A purple candle to wake you up and remember your Wildfire.


Angela said...

LOVE! Thank you for sharing some candlechakragoddess magic. Is that Quan Yin I see looking on with Her eyes wide open to our pain? Just read your post about things crumbling around you and the strain caused by your professional life. Hope you are finding some clarity and snippets of hope. Equinox is almost here, and I daresay, you will receive some assurance from the Maiden -freshly returned from the Underworld Herself :)

Shell said...

Beautiful, Molly. Hope this is helping you with your healing.

Barbara/myth maker said...

Simply lovely.


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