Stuff That's Totally Doin It For Me

Hello honeybuns! Here's a little shot of the sauce that's been inspiring me this week!

My sister's new blog: Refeathered! Musings on gratitude.
Show her some blog love. A few felted hearts hanging in my kitchen window
to celebrate the changing season. :)

My bandmate turned me on to Earl Grehound.
Their stripped down grimy psychedelia is speaking to me:

A surprise bouquet of daffodils from my brother was
the whipped cream on the week!
They have that great vegetabally spring smell.

And finally--a video of great social and political import.
I give you Ready Steady Go Cat.

What's totally doin' it for you right now?

1 comment:

Shell said...

Thanks for sharing about Earl Grayhound. I listening to Shotgun and loved it. Going to listen to more of there songs on You tube.


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