Spring: When Inside Smells Like Outside

You know something exciting is about to happen when the inside smells like outside. In Wisconsin, we have a glorious tradition of turning the first warm day of the year into a national holiday--strangers are friends, fine malt beverages are consumed and there is a sudden shortage of hot dog buns. The shift couldn't have arrived at a better time: change of the seasons, a new moon cycle cooking--I plan to lasso up that fire-fly green maiden energy and have ENTIRELY too much fun. To celebrate, my sister and I went for a stroll in search of signs of spring!

How will you be celebrating spring, cupcakes?


Boho mom said...

Oh man Molly, your blog always has such a "feel good" energy about it. Love the pics of flowers.
Spring is here too in Ontario which is bizarre after having hardly any snow this winter. We had a week of super mild temperatures...lots of walks with the dog and nature hikes.
I always celebrate spring by making a wish on the first robin I see!
Happy Sunday girl!

Shell said...

Celebrating by putting up my Spring Altar which I just finished this morning. Looks nice and spring like.

Holly said...

The purple of those crocus, oh man oh man!


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