Vlog: Whisper Show-and-Tell

Hello daisy-faces! Do you have a treasure box? A place where you hide away little shiny bits and letters that have been folded and re-folded? I've blogged about it previously, and in an attempt to make more whisper videos, today's post is a whisper show-and-tell of the bobbles and trinkets I have stashed away.

I think the reason I enjoy whisper videos as much as I do is that calming, tingly sensation you achieve--much like the feeling you had being read to as a child. Going to the library to hear our librarian tell us a story was easily my favorite part of school. It becomes meditative, you are absorbed in it. Even the swishing sound of fingers touching paper and the page turning has a comforting effect. I included several ASMR inducing sounds in this clip as well. (Find out about ASMR here.)

I apologize for the abrupt ending--the new video YouTube editor is far less friendly than it used to be. I hope you enjoy it!

What treasures to you love?


Barbara/myth maker said...

A wonderful video, I wish it would've gone on to show me everything in the case. What fun. Love those acorns.

Shell said...

Enjoy your spiritual show and tell. I have little trinkets like that too close to my heart, too

Angela said...

LOVE! thank you for sharing.I had this flash of how fabulous it would be for wild goddess girls to sit in circle and have show&tell of their medicine bags.There are elements we share & yet so many unique&revealing pieces we carry.And then there are the stories behind our most special medicines :)
Much magic&light to you-


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