Stuff That's Totally Doin' It For Me Right Now

Hello Cherry bombs! With the post-holiday-mushroom-cloud beginning to clear-- and most of the candy destroyed, this weeks round up is a much needed moment of sanity and little miracles. On to stuff that's totally doin' it for me right now!

First up, let's here it for the SUN! WOO SUN! Those beams streaming through my bedroom window are so welcome.

Contributing to the weeks Cute Factor is this book a co-worker lent me: Yum Yum Bento Box. It's full of glossy pictures of elaborate bento lunches. So creative and colorful it ALMOST makes me want to cook. Almost. The pink rice sheep are too precious to eat.

Next, we have an enlightening article my sweetheart sister shared with me: 12 Things Happy People Do Differently. Optimists are not naive...we are productive. :)

And finally, New Years Day enjoying the first snow fall of the season at my parents house. It was an excellently lazy day: hot buttered rum, fireplace glowing and 12 hours of The Twighlight Zone with all of us stuffed onto the same sofa. Perfection. :)

What's totally doin' it for you right now, my sweets? Happy New Year!


Barbara/myth maker said...

Good stuff. Happy New Year!

Boho mom said...

Every time I come here, my spirit soars! I like your style Molly!

"Optimists are not naive...we are productive"....Amen to that sista!!
Twilight Zone marathon? Oh wow - I could SO get into that!!!
And snow- yeah, finally we're getting some flurries here in Ontario Canada. (not that I'm complaining), but we've usually had a couple good blizzards by this time!

Happy, blessed 2012 !!!

Anishinaabekwe said...

I am loving chai tea, writing and creating my aromatherapy sprays! Even though it is cold and snowy up here in Naaminitigong (Northern Michigan) I am still bringing in my own fun, joy and light! YEAH! :D

WrightStuff said...

I'm sorry, but you do not have me with the bento box... It just doesn't spell 'tasty' for me!!

I'll take the snow though. We had sun today for the first time in days and days. We went to the local woodland where it was busier than the hottest day in August. I think everyone just wanted to experience fresh air!

Shell said...

I love that..optimists are not naive..we are productive!!Woohoo.
Loving that I have great books to read and that my family is now settling into a sweet routine.

Moma Fauna said...

That Bento Book is doin' it for me... must find...

Dream With the Fishes said...

Happy New Year, my friend! Sounds like a divine way to have spent it - with family, lazing around, watching Twilight Zone marathon. I just love the first photo with the filtered sunlight and the Mother and the (cedar?) branch... lovely. So nice to see you again! Now I'm off to read 12 things happy people do differently. xoxo


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