Glamor Puss!

Hello Bon bons! I'm excited to bring you a new piece on HerSpeak. For those of you who know me in the third-dimension you know that when I am not Art-ing and pillaging the city, I am planning parties and rouging my knees. I find so much inspiration in fashion and night-flights and want to share it with you! With that, I bring you Glamor Puss: a segment that celebrates the silly, the saucy and the snazzy.

This weeks minxy morsel is a bit of mixology. This drink is sweet, unexpectedly savory and simple to make! I haven't named this cocktail yet:

*Muddle a spring fresh rosemary at the bottom of the glass
*Fill the glass with ice and a few slices of cucumber
*Add a shot...or two...of Bombay Sapphire Gin
*Top off with lemonade

I ask you, dear readers--What should we call this drink? Leave your ideas in the comments!

What spirits are tickling your fancy?


Boho mom said...

Awesome!!Bring on the Glamour Puss!! Creating your own drink- you rawk! looks and sounds refreshing!! I'd call it "the Emerald City"...because I'm weird like that.

Moma Fauna said...

I want one! Now please. Do you ship? ;)

Perhaps you could name it the "Glamour Puss" in honour of your new piece? Though, I have to admit, I do like "The Emerald City."

Dream With the Fishes said...

I'm thinking "sour memories" because Rosemary is for remembrance and lemons are sour. But that sounds so not happy and it sounds like quite a tasty drink. Oooh! Maybe something like "sour memory cooler," which takes into account the cucumber's personality, too!


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