Glamor Puss: Flapper Love Tutorial

Hello Bebe Cakes! Do you love getting dolled up to go out? Me too-- especially when there is an opportunity to experiment with a dramatic look.

I don't feel oppressed by make up, in fact it's quite the opposite.
My body is a canvas and make up allows me to project what I feel onto my skin! Being a chameleon--that's the dream. Style isn't knowing what's hip and what's not--style is being brave and bold enough to do whatever makes you feel beautiful.

One of my favorite looks is the Silent Film Goddess -- she's a gin drinking-cigarette eating-one-woman-dance-party-flapper on the go GO!

In today's Glamour Puss segment I'm going to teach you how to achieve the Flapper look!

Skin:Start with an all over foundation--matte skin was very popular. If you're not into cream foundations, a little dusting of loose powder will help set your make up.

Brows:The 20's shape was long and willowy. Use a fine brush or pencil to darken and extend the eyebrows. Don't be afraid!

Lids:Use a dark shade: a charcoal, plum or velvety brown and cover the entire lid, blending with a soft brush. You can modernize the look by using a shimmery shadow.

Then with a kohl colored liner, draw along the top lid, your water line and under the eye. Finish with mascara. I chose to add a false lash for a more cinematic touch.

Cheeks:Using a bright blush with a fluffy brush just on the apples of your cheeks!

Lips:Dark cherub-bow lips were very vogue. Use a dark plumy lipstick to accentuate your kisser --or for a more exotic look, line the lips with black liner and gloss with a red lip shimmer. You can experiment with redrawing your lipshape as well....try it...you'll like it!

To really achieve the total flapper flair, try your hand at a finger wave! Check out this video tutorial.

Where are you finding your style inspiration, kittens? Share with us in the comments!

1 comment:

Bubble My Licorice said...

i love love love fingerwaves and i always try to make the perfect ones :)
I'm gonna see the tutorial!


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