GirlZilla: Destroyer Diary

Hello Ladybugs! I wanted to show you what I've been away working on. We're gearing up for our very first gallery night: scrubbing the studio, fliers flying and paintings exploding all over!

For this exhibition, I wanted to experiement. The goal was to recreate this journal entry on a large scale. I'm being called to my journal more and more and wanted to translate some of that manic process oriented spree into my painting. Here are the results!

I began with a bunch of boxes I scavenged from the dumpster behind the museum. After a generous coat of gesso, the city was sketched in...

I always default into this stuffy super serious figure drawing mode and it just wasn't working. Still after days of drawing and redrawing, the face was all scrunchy and wrong...so I scrubbed it out -->

While frustrated with the yuckiness I had achieved, I joked about just making the head GIGANTIC.

And then decided that's how I would solve the problem. :)


Outfitted with a found cardboard bow and war paint to compliment her rainbow laser-vision, she was ready to crush the rest of the cartoon city. But even with the additions, it wasn't jiving...it didn't have the collage-y vibrations I was going for. It was time for DRASTIC MEASURES!

So I pulled out the big guns: Spray paint, stencils, chalk, markers, oil pastel and GLITTER! I learned so much about my materials making this painting: what sticks to what, what resists what, what mixes with what. And that stars make everything better...

Add a little leopard print eyeliner and GirlZilla is ready for Gallery Night!

What have you been making, Muffins?

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