Virgin a Day: 1 & 2

Hello bunnies! While visiting my friend at Lisa at Priti Studio, I found out about this magical blog party that's happening and couldn't resist. Our lovely hostess, Rebecca Brooks of Corazon invites us to post an image of Mary every morning until her feast day, December 12th! Here are my contributions for the 1st and 2nd:

A video shrine I made of my sacred space:

A quick collage from my art journal:

This party is not about a specific religion or religion at all, but about sharing beauty, kindness and the deeply fascinating peace of the Mother. You are all invited! <3


Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Oh, how magical your video is and I adore your Guadalupe lady complete with skulls. So glad you've joined us.

The Woodwife said...

Your video of your sacred space is truly that. It is so wonderful and the music - I felt like staying. What a great thing to do!! Thanks for making my morning so lovely!!

Spadoman said...

I swear I saw her wink at me in the video. How did you make her do that? Cool!
Beautiful shrine. Love the smoke and bubbles. The shrine looks busy, I'd love to see it close up and personal. So many interestingn things around \her. I love it.


deb did it said...

~brought you in...take you out~ fabulousness


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