Video: Resume Crash Course

Hello motorbabies! Do you have one? A resume that'll knock the socks off your future boss? Don't think you need one? Think again! A fine tuned resume will help you rock your way to where you want to be. Don't know where to start? In this video I discuss 12 specific tips to help you develop your resume.

HerSpeak's Quick and Dirty Crash Course on Resume Construction!

1: Make your resume fit on one page

2: Start with ALL of your contact information.

3: Start with your most recent experience and work backwards.

3: Only include pertinent information--you have one page to make an impression.

4: Tailor your information for each resume you write.

5: Provide references right away. Include them on a separate page.

6: Personalize it! What do you look like on paper?

7: Don’t use silly font. You are not a lemonade stand--Don’t do it!

8: Include a list of your skill sets.

9: Include an objective statement.

10: If you can, deliver your resume in person.

11: Have more than one resume. That way when opportunity knocks you can whip out the appropriate resume like a ninja and get it out! Time is of the essence.

12: Constantly Revise your resume.

What tips do you have to share?

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