Nose Candy: Paint Diary

Hello Kittens! There's gold leaf on the ceiling and green acrylic on my sweater-- getting new pieces ready for "Kitschmas" a group invitational exhibition we're hosting in a few weeks. The theme for this show is Kitsch: the gaudy, the gross and giggle inducing. It's been liberating being able to really experiment and get silly. Here is the progress of my totally tasteless contribution:

My process always starts with a photograph.

Next, I start "carving" out the figure with broad strokes--most of the under-painting is still exposed. The patterns really needed to pop--I'm finding myself being inspired by fashion magazine spreads and obnoxious dubstep remixes. It could be weirder. So, I pushed it further--

One gold-leaf unicorn horn and a snort of silver glitter later, I came to this. It got gross...and I'm pleased. I've never made a painting quite like this: it's tighter, smaller and stranger than anything I've made in recent history. I'm excited to see where the tacky train takes me. :}


Barbara/myth maker said...

Seems like the tacky train left you in a pretty darn good spot. It's fabulous! I love seeing the progression.

Shell said...

Your painting is like kawaii and psychedelic combined. love it.


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