F*ck It. Do it: Nights Like Last Night

Hello Sweet Peas! This week was AMAZING. Our exhibition, Kitschmas was a smashing success: the art was excellent, the fashion show was to die for and The Famous Graves slathered it on with a set of schmaltzy dance tunes. It was an intense few weeks and a non-stop go-go-gadget day. But We Survived!!

When you're working on your heART projects, there is always a point of max saturation--a zone you set into while lying in bed mumbling, it's too much, it's too big, I can't do it, WHY do I do this??

Hot prickly moments when you're sure you will punch through walls and take bites out of buildings.

Weird lonely moments when you look around and realize you're not sure where you are.

My best gal pal and collective conspirator, Kelly and I hanging work.

And then nights like last night happen.

Nights where you are surrounded by the people who are passionate about everything they do, insanely talented wunderkind who have to be aliens because there is no other explanation for their awesomeness.

Weeks of work slip by smoothly in a few hours and you can't believe it's over--everything explodes in perfect harmony and you stand back to say, "Holy shit. We made that."

I want to take this time to tell you that if you are scared of a project--
If you feel too small to make it--
or unsure of your skills--

Fuck it. Do it.

Fear and excitement are strangely similar. :)

For now, I'm off to my Girl Cave to recover--my apartment in dire need of attention, writing to write and coffee to sip. Plotting plots and scheming schemes...

Wishing each of you much Love, Paint and Rock'n'Roll!


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

I want a wall like that one in my house! :D
SO happy for you.
I love the fact that I can "hear you" saying your last line now I´ve watched your videos.

Simony said...

Loved that orange wall! And it's true, fear and excitement walk together and that's when we can create and grow!


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