Book Love: Home Rockanomics

You should read this book because:

1) It has 54 projects that cost practically nothing. Really--half of them are garbage.

2) It's pink.

3) The variety of projects it proposes are impressive: sewing, crafting, arting, and cooking. I can't decide which are my favorites: the vegan bike tire belt, the handmade wall paper or the x-ray lampshades.

4) There are ACTUAL instructions, not a collection of perfectly primped pictures of projects no one with a day job could actually recreate.

5) The lady who wrote it, Heidi Minx, created Built on Respect--a non profit group dedicated to raising human rights awareness.

My only qualms with this book is that some of the projects are a little obvious (make patches out of fabric and safety pins...) and some of photographs are difficult to see-- the zine aesthetic is fun and entertaining, it kind of zaps the eyeballs. Despite these minor details, it's a marvelous resource.

What are you reading, my dears?

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