Vesta: Top 5 Tips for Home MAKING

Vesta is the Pioneer Domestic Goddess: the Roman deity of hearth and home. As the patron of creature comforts she is the warm gooey center of our havens. With the weather growing colder and the days dimming earlier it's the perfect time to give our dens and heartspace little boost by connecting with Vesta.

I am no June Cleaver--I'm known to serve guests take out while sitting on the floor and leaving my laundry strewn about for the world to see. Homemaking-manual-magazines make my eyes roll. However, there is a gentle pride and comfort that comes with creating a welcoming crib. Here are a few tips to get you in touch with your divine homemaker:

Scrub Scrub Here: If you're distracted or anxious in your roost, put on your favorite tunes and pull out the feather duster. Stir up the staleness, breathe life back into your space! Your home is your sanctuary. Caring for your home is a way to nurture yourself--it's sacred work.

Hostess with The Mostest: Parties don't have to be elaborate affairs to be fun. Invite your neighbors over for tea and cookies, have a hot dish party on a week night. All parties require are a few friends and a place to meet. A little casual connection time in your home goes a long way: you and your friends will be glad you did.

Light a fire: If you are fortunate enough to have an actual fireplace in your home, put some wood on! Snuggle up with a friend, a cat or a good book. I love falling asleep to the crackling of my fireplace DVD. :}

Home MAKER: Make something that makes you happy--a box cake with blue frosting, a recycled wreathe for the door, a silly painting for your washroom. The creative beauty of your casa begins with you.

Adore your abode: You mean your house doesn't look like Martha's? Guess what--no ones does. We don't live in vacuums: we have jobs, roommates, pets, and kids. Love your space--the evidence of your life and your family. Dirty dishes mean people eat here. Unmade beds mean someone dreams here.

How do you connect with your inner Vesta?

[Artwork by Molly Roberts]


Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

Winter is the time for snuggling in our nests, that's for sure. I've already forgotten the feel of grass under my feet and traded it for warm fuzzy slippers. I must say I had to giggle at the sacred comment ;) I'm not sure I consider housecleaning sacred... hee hee

fun post :)

karenm101 said...

I'm going through a divorce but still have to share a house with my ex, yuck! I've moved into the guest room and I've made it my little sanctuary. It feels like another planet in there. When I have to venture out, the rest of the house feels like Siberia! I have to wear a scarf and mittens to the restroom. Home is what you make it.

jany said...

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