Treasure Chest: Medicine Bag: New Friends

Hello Crumpets! As you know, my medicine bag is always growing--adapting to what I need at the moment, what interests me at the time, expanding with new experiences and dusted and restructured as often as I change socks all depending on what it is that spirit needs at the moment. Here are a few of the latest additions:

Homemade lavender oil that's been steeping in the window sill.

An amazing mass of rainbow candles from my grandmas house.

Acorns gathered up from an oak tree growing from the scattering pond of a Kentucky cemetery. Not sure what that means...but I couldn't resist them. :)
What's in your medicine bag? Don't have one? Now is the perfect day to start!
You may also enjoy a previous discussion--take a peek in my medicine bag! What are you being drawn to? :)


Barbara/myth maker said...

Oh , my medicine bag is filled with a myriad of things! INcluding hummingbird wings and kitty whiskers, lol.
Love the little bottle of lavender oil. I'd like one of those in my stocking this Christmas.
Great stuff all around.

Tammie Lee said...

when i wear jewelry i choose a piece as though it is medicine. i love your homemade lavender oil. How did it come out?


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