Stuff That's Totally Doin' It For Me Right Now

Hullo Lemon Drops! It's been a big week at HerSpeak Headquarters: putting together an exhibition, moving into a new studio space and adjusting to a new job. In this segment, I like to take a few moments to meditate on and share the little things--the perfect things-- that are totally doin' it for me right now.

A cuppa hot cocoa with my brother and beau at my favorite french cafe.

A bouquet of roses and orchids left over from a wedding at the museum that have a new home on my breakfast table. I love my job!

This song has been swooping about in my head like a swallow. The video is as hypnotizing as the tune. I'll be wallpapering my bedroom with maps. :)

A silly sparkle-tip manicure was my DIY mid-week pamper moment. So easy--try it!

These lush and luminous photographs by Manjari Sharma. At first glance, I though these were paintings--they are actually elaborate staged photographs. Enchanting!

What's doin' it for you right now?


Boho mom said...

Ohhh yeahhh chickie!!! It all works for me too - especially that yummy hot chocolate and the Eastern religious pic - great photos!!!
What's "doing it for me" right now?
hmmm...I'm in this weird head-space of cleaning and decluttering and shifting furniture in my apartment.....guess it goes with the shifting of the seasons.
Happy Monday and soooooooo happy you love your new job! I can't wait to say that!!!

priti.lisa said...

Lilies in late Autumn.
Sounds like a title for a romance novel.
Love you lovin' life! ♥♥♥


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