Stuff That's Totally Doin' It For Me Right Now

Hello Kittens! As usual, the three-ring-flea-circus that is daily life at HerSpeak Headquarters continues on with the gusto of a twelve piece UmPah band. I wanted to take this rare moment of sanity to share a little inspiration with you, show you all the "squee" worthy tidbits I've been enjoying!

First--Tom Waits new record "Bad As Me" has been my soundtrack for destruction: full of distortion, clanging pans, fat sax and warbling falsetto--gets my genius gears grinding and the makin' stuff factory in full swing!

I've been stealing slow moments at one job or the other to feed my latest guilty pleasure: making dreamy inspiration boards on Pintrest. Check out my latest assemblage "Places We Should Be Now". It's brimming with all things good & warm...and chocolaty...

Oh yeah--Glitter. Glitter is always doin' it for me...

AND finally--conspiring with my mum on Skallywag Fashions' latest runway show: "Swizzle". The vintage cocktail inspired style showcase will be the highlight of our next collective exhibition--Kitschmas! This week we had the pleasure of snooping around in resale shops for treasures to add to the line up.

What is inspiring you this week, my pets? Tell us what's doin' it for you!

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Paula - Buenos Aires said...

School supplies! "Darling, you are not using this any more, are you?" *smile* has been heard a lot around here these days. I got some of Tati´s art supplies, she´s got "funnier" things than me.
That Pinterest board is SO you. :)


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