Handmade Holiday: How To Novel Wreathe

Hello Pumpkins! To get myself in the mood for handmade holiday mischeif, I decided to spruce up the apartment with a paper wreathe for the front door. It's 100% upcycled, 100% free, 100% adorable and 100% easy-peasy to make! Watch:

You will need: Cardboard, scissors, an old book and hot glue

Start with a piece of cardboard you can cut into a ring, or any shape you like. Mine is cut from an old pizza box.

Find a paper back or an old book--I found this one in my laundry room. Cut out the pages and begin rolling cones of varying sizes. (The cover of this book will be recycled in another project!)

Start hot gluing the cones onto your cardboard ring. Make sure you're tucking them close together so none of the cardboard is peeking out. Experiment with different lengths and widths of cones to get the effect you desire. :)

Once you've filled the ring, finish it off with some text (construction paper) or a bow and deck your front door to drive your neighbors wicked jealous of the crafty bad-ass who lives there.

What are your handmade holiday plans?


Barbara/myth maker said...

Well, isn't that novel!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Cool project!
My plan is to go straight into Turbo Craft Advent from Dec 1st, after AEDM is over. I will redirect people here for your Handmade crusade. :)


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