Fort Nacho: A Survival Guide

Hello, my Hot Tamales! This week required serious silliness to counteract the serious business. The following photographic essay is packed with survival tips for the urban nomad. You can play along at home: The only requirements for this adventure are bed sheets and friends as dumb as you are:

Solid construction is of utmost importance--the elements of an apartment can be brutal: unpredictable weather patterns, dust buffalo and drafty windows. It's wild out there.

These pennants serve two purposes: they provide essential pinks and structural stability.

Garland will improve your fortress' integrity and deflect most birds of prey.

He is not napping--he's trancing. All proper caravans must have a medium.

Choose supplies carefully. The winter is long.

Blinking Christmas lights allow you to communicate effectively with other forts in your vicinity.

The Boyfriend Bartender is an essential member of the the caravan
even if he only knows one recipe: hooch & rocks.

Do not rule out knit equipment: Crocheted bedspreads provide proper ventilation
and an excellent view of the ceiling sky.



Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Fabulous story! A change in air/view is refreshing. I see some home camping in my future. :)

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

this looks so fun! but your cute kitty would be welcome in my Vardo anytime ;)

toadinaboat.com said...

This is a pretty awesome little clubhouse/nest/camp. I'd replace the cigarettes with junk food for mine though, LOL! I'm sure the plastic guns are a necessity.

Lindsay Lue said...

Made my own fort on an uneventful Saturday night. We played records, drank wine and hung out with our dog Lola. Of course it's her new favorite hang out spot.... :)


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