DIY Dream Flags

Hello Rosehips! This is the story of a bag of rags that met a fairy-godcrafter and became a string of dream flags:

A big bag of shimmery scraps--a gift from my Mum.

Snip snip here, snip snip there--

A few soft crescent moons in acrylic...

Stitch it up with silvery thread--

I hung the beauteous shimmery flags above my bed.
Perhaps I'll cover the whole ceiling?
I enjoy the way they flutter when you walk through the room.

I just love happy endings. :}

What kind of magic have you been making?


Boho mom said...

I love them, I'm making them, and I'm hanging them all over my apartment!!!
AND....you ROCK!!!

Barbara/myth maker said...

How dear! I love them. YOu have such a comfy bedspace there, too.

Anishinaabekwe said...

Cool! The magic I make is blending herbs together for ritual, prayer, joy, grace, beauty and healing! I love rituals!


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