Big Day! Craftasmagoria Completed!

Hello Honey Bunnies! The Barn Owl Ballyhoo is only a day away and I'm putting the finishing touches on my Dia de Los Muertos crafts! The past few weeks have been a BLAST: puttering with materials, taking a break from "serious" work to just party in the studio making silly stuff for other silly people. In addition to my shrines, votive pins, jewelry and paintings, here's a peek at the last of the goods:

Skully hair clips finished!

A set of plain plastic cherub ornaments pilfered from my grandma's basement. I fixed them. :)

The skully feltie in it's finished state! A few recycled christmas garlands and a little hot glue did the trick!
A sparkly skelly kitty votive painting complete with stripes and GLITTER.

And then there's Mr. Milo Guy...he's not for sale. But he helped. :)

Wish me Luck! Here's hoping you all of a kick ass weekend full of craft! Much Love, paint and Rock & Roll, cupcakes! I'll see you on the other side, with photo evidence of the big event! :)


Boho mom said...

I adore Mr. Milo guy and would buy him in a second if he were for sale!
Your creations are so fresh and original and artsy - LOVE EM!!
You rock...loving the slight Halloween-ness of this post!
happy weekend!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

*excited squeal* Have a wonderful time!


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