Studio Cam: New Tinkerings

Hello Sweetie Pies! The HerSpeak studio has been hoppin': scattered with gold leaf, felt scraps and paint squishing about! Here's a peep at what's been shakin' this week:

New mini shrine: 3" wide. Gold leaf, sequins, found images, nails, candles, glitter, plastic beads, wood pieces and silk flowers. The best part about these projects is I buy nothing: every shrine is recycled or found materials. Fiddling around and figuring out the best way to pair objects together is half the fun of making!

A Dia de Los Muertos fabric vignette underway--still have to stich on the mustache! He should be a sharp looking skelly when he's all sewed up. The frame is, if possible, more ridiculous than the skeleton. Can't wait to show you the finished piece!

And finally, the beginnings of a new painting! This is the second in my new latest series. I need to finish two more and they'll have homes in a Salon here in Milwaukee. More inprogress peeks to come! (30"x40", acrylic, watercolor and sequins on canvas.)

What is the state of your studios these days, darlings?

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Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Starting by the niche (sometimes I´m a linear thinker): I have most of those materials but never in a million days I get to the "fiddling" stage. That´s is part of my "out" wish. You are already at the "looking for harmony in the out" and that makes me smile.
Can´t decide on the skeleton´s personality. Can he be scary and sweet at the same time?
Congratulations on finding homes for your paintings.


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