In The Studio: Shrine Series

Hello Sweetpeas! It was a whiplash weekend full of errands, work, baby showers, rehearsals AND a few snippets of sweet sweet studio time. Here are a few of the latest pieces for my craft fair shrine series:

A jewelrybox or cigarette case shrine. Materials include acrylic paint, nail polish, wood, plastic gems, sequins, silver glitter, pink felt, found images and charms.

Next, we have another tiny shrine. This version was much easier to make than the prototype. It may be my new favorite. Materials include acrylic paint, bottle caps, quartz crystal, nail polish, wood, masking tape, candle wax, felt, found images and charms and GLITTER.

And finally, the smallest shrine I've ever made! It's only slightly larger than a postage stamp. :)

What were you up to this weekend, craft warriors?


Boho mom said...

Sooooo CUTE!!! I'm a smoker so that little box appeals to me!
Wow -sounds like you had a busy busy weekend! Great to see such creative and artsy accomplishments!
Happy Monday!

amy said...

ugh. baby showers. i hate baby showers. more than i hate babies.

Shell said...

These shrines are beautiful. I want to try my hand at making one.


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